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I have been with my girlfriend for quiet some time and she is a dedicated Christian which isn't a problem with me and I see nothing wrong with it. But I am not a firm believer in god or jesus or any form of religion really. We have talked about this many times but she still seems to push god and his "word" on to me. At the beginning it seemed like we were going to put it aside and love eachother for who we were and justvdo our own things. But sometimes I can tell she is trying to change me in that way even though I have been standing firm. I don't know what to do honestly

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  • I would set a date on the calender, get your shit together and after an evening of a nice dinner, tell her the two of you should talk. communicate and share your concerns with her about this issue. You are not a christian and clearly make her understand that if she persists in trying to persuade you (name clear examples of these incidents happening) the both of you should start discussing the future of your relationship, since clearly this is bothering you quite a bit.

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