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I'm a 19 years old girl. I don't care if a guy puts the toilet seat down or not. I'm never bitchy when on my period. i love giving blowjobs. I also love sex and wouldn't say no when my boyfriend asks me for it. I'm not as dramatic as other girls. If I'm mad, I say it and don't expect a guy to know it without telling him. I think a man can hit a woman if she's being bitchy or started to hit him first. I'm good at making sandwiches. When in a relationship, I'm never possesive or extremely jealous. I love to play videogames together (but I always loose cause I'm bad at it). I don't cheat. I'm not ugly, guys call me beautiful and show a lot of interest. So why the fuck can I never keep a boyfriend? :(

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  • I am so like you... I'm a girl, I totally get you... I always have this fear of ending up alone because of this... doesnt sound fair :/ ..

  • Maybe you think too highly of yourself.. Don't personally know you but maybe there's something to it

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