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Many people think I'm living a dream, some friend would kill to be me (so thay say), I have a good job, loving girlfriend, great family, and in sometime I publishing my first book, If i'll finish it, because now more then ever I'm thinking of ...., it's because I have no one i could really talk about my life, and whats going on, all my friends would just spread it out, and gossip, and some things? You just cant say to your family. I Just realized how hard it is to have all your world on your own shoulders and cant have one person you could share your feelings with, and keep the fucking fake smile everyday. Im sorry.

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  • How about your girlfriend? If you really are close you should be able to share things with her. As for your friends, if you feel you are not comfortable in sharing or even accompining them, then find new ones. If you are thinking about suicide, by all means think of the positive things that could happen and are happening. I hope you elaborate whether you meant you thought about suicide or not. I hope not. Best of luck - the confesster knight

  • If i get what are you talking about, ending your life it's not an answer.

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