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Many people surround me, but I feel so lonely, i feel like life is the biggest joke of all, like im the only one with feelings, a zebra living with lions. Now Im crying in the front seat of the car, weeping like a magdalena, with a knot in my chest, hearing "calle 13 - me vieron cruzar" trying to get my hopes up. What is wrong with you world...; I feel like God is the only one that hears me, and there is people who want to kill him, my only friend. My mother is next to me, but she couldnt care less, Im here writing trying to reach someone who feels like me, Im here writing this to extend my hand trying to find you, you who can be friend, who thinks like me, because I Want to build a better world, but I cant do it by myself.

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  • Currently, There are 8 billion people in the world, Do you really think you could change the world if you cant change your fucking friends?

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