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I used to date a girl who was very insecure with her body image, and to fix it she took up bodybuilding. I was supportive until she became obsessed and unbearable, and then I found out she was taking some kind of steroids/hormonal pills for muscle growth behind my back, when I specifically asked for that to be the one thing she avoided. When I refused to fall into the same black hole she said I wasnt a man and that she had bigger balls than me. Shes dated 4 henched up retards in the last year (2 of whom were her personal trainers) who all treated her like shit and went on to dump her. I feel no sympathy. She wanted "men", she damn well got em - prime examples of lumbering, mysoginistic alpha-males. She spent last weekend trying to call me at least 20 times. I, meanwhile, was blissfully celebrating 3 months with my newfound flower-power hippie lovechild girlfriend.

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  • Your new girl sound lovely good on you mate

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