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Sometimes I feel so out of place in this century. I wonder how different my life would've been if I was born long ago or far into the future. Can't help but thinking that the 21st century is "the pause" of humankind. We have nothing that's really exiting anymore? Anyway sorry for bad English. Have a nice day y'all!

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  • Let's see; this is probably the last generation before true A.I. changes who knows what. Science can now make cripples walk. Half the world is on the edge of civil war (or already knee deep in war), and Game of Thrones is actually pretty good Tv. So yeah, nothing at all going on

  • a lot of people feel like that these days and the reason it dosent seem like much is happening is because of the media filling our news with stories of 'celeb' babies and all that and if people looked a bit deeper we would realize there many exciting things happening all the time after all less than a month ago nasa believes they found an earth like planet and russia annexing the crimea never mind that we are on the edge of discoveries that could change humanity, anti matter has not only been discovered but created by man in the LHC, you could say we are living in the eara of the fastest human development since recorded history

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