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I lost faith in God at an early age. I went through hell. I was put through so much I can hardly believe it. In that room, as I felt the ropes that kept me in the complete darkness I could hear the footsteps outside. I heard him coming back and I cried and I begged for God. I was helpless. No God answered my call. No child should go through what I did. If there is a God, he didn't care for me that whole week I begged for him. All we have is each other, and we throw away our lives drawing lines in the sand for "Gods" that do not care enough to fight in their own wars or save their own people.

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  • Once I stopped believing in God, I became a lot more peaceful. Try it.

  • I honestly wouldn't sweat it. Once you stop worrying about the problems of God as you clearly do at the moment and focus on the real and present reality you'll be a lot happier and in control

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