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I feel deeply depressed and lonely right now because a perfectly harmless post I made on facebook offended someone and I have nobody closer than 500 km.

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  • Get the hell off FB and stay off! Just realize that what ever you say on the internet comes back to haunt you. FB & these other social media places can hurt you as you discovered. Potential bosses will read your posts. It's not worth putting your personal info out there. I doubt you disagree with me.

  • Doesn`t matter what he said. What it matters is that nowadays you can`t say anything without sugar-coating it first because we`ve basically turned into over-sensitive, whining pussies. Remember: what you do is your responsibility, how others react is theirs. A racist/sexist comment won`t affect you unless you let it affect you. And if it affects you, it`s your problem to deal with what you`re feeling.

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