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I'm 21, I've been in 4 serious relationships..at different times ofcourse...only problem is my significant others never thought likewise so they cheated...each and every one of them...apparently though most of my friends, and EX girlfriends themselves have told me that I was never the problem...I was just "too nice, too perfect, too soft, too...list goes on and on"..so in other words I was such a perfect boyfriend to my ex-girlfriends that they never felt they could reciprocate my feelings and love me the same way I did them...So basically what they were saying is that they preferred guys who were "assholes/jerks" from time to time. At first I didn't realize this, then it dawned on me...I then stopped chasing after girls who were my age mates...I considered them so immature and stupid (Not all girls of-course but a good number of them) I started going for cougars. Best.Decision.Ever. Now I'm dating a 37 year old divorced woman, she knows what she's doing in bed, she knows what she wants from a "Man", no stupid hints or guesses, everything about us is straight forward, of-course I wont say she's 100% perfect, but there are literally no childish fights about why I texted her friend or why I liked so & so's instagram post...I do have a commitment problem now though, after being serious with 4 people and all of them ending up crashing my world around me, I don't open up that easily I tried explaining this to my current girlfriend, she didn't take it so well, she wants me to get more serious, she once blurted out she loved me..I said nothing and just hugged her..some people might say i'm too young and I shouldn't worry too much and stuff about finding the one you want to be with..that I still have time, but the woman i'm currently dating already had a life, kids, i'm just starting mine and I would like for her to be in it, but like I said I have commitment issues, it takes a while for me to trust anyone emotionally, i'm scared I might lose her, not because I don't love her, but because she might leave me because I wont take our relationship to another level emotionally...I want to, but I just need a little more time..

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  • go get those cougars boy! go get them good!

  • let her read this

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