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I'm afraid that my bf will never propose to me, He is all my life

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  • Does he know you want to get married? I can sympathise - early in our relationship my boyfriend mentioned he doesn't see the point of marriage but after a discussion he said he would if it was important to his partner. Just let him know how you feel.

  • he just might not propose at all and i think its a good thing too... heres why... men always want what they cant have and a mariage legally,morally and religiously forbids him to be with anyone else but you... so,naturally, he'll want just that... if you are just in a relationship, he'll think "if i really want to, i could cheat on her or break up with her without any consequence and that would be that.But i like her, i like what we have and i really dont wanna go through the hassle of courting and dating again... im comfortable here... i like this"

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