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I am a doctor and I think now that we can test a fetus for Downs, autism, etc. Having these people bring down society and use resources that could be going to someone else is irresponsible. Some people just keep the kid so they can get disability from the government. That is why I think we should abort them and make the human race better in time.

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  • You're born selfish and then you decide to have kids and for the next 18years you can't be selfish anymore. the reward.for being a good parent is getting to be selfish again later in life. If you have a child with a disability you can't be selfish anymore. and that's ok. but eventually you will die then you are leaving this kid to someone else. taking someone else's life away. its not fair

  • I would abort my child with down syndrome because Darwinists are still around and would make his/her life hell. comme tois

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