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I think that people who get bullied ( for a long time) act like victims and deserve it. I was bullied myself when i was young but i stopped it by defending and standing up for myself. People who really want the bully('s) to stop, defend themselfs and will make the bully('s) stop. In my opinion anti-bully organisations teach kids that they don't have to be strong or able to stand up for themselfs they just have to cry to other people for help which is a verry wrong lesson to teach children. I also think that bullying makes you stronger and ready's you for the harsh reallity of life.

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  • If you think someone 'deserves' to be bullied then you have a symptom of being a bully. Usually bullying referrs to victims of atypical hostiIty and that something is not only wrong with their thinking but with their soul as well. Bullying of any sort needs to be stopped.

  • In the long run it definitely made me appreciate friendships a lot more though :)

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