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I've been in pain from my muscles and joints all over my body. I haven't done much the last two days because I can barely walk. I asked my husband to give our daughter a bath because I physically can't right now. He told me he doesn't believe I'm in pain but just lazy. I want to cry because I hurt and my husband doesn't believe me.

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  • If you're in pain, you should go see a doctor, not post such on confesster, unless someone here's a doctor

  • I`m sure this isn`t the first time your husband was an asshole to you. Being married and having a daugther, I take it you`ve spent some years with him. Either you don`t know him as well as you think, or he`s just an asshole and you should have know better than to marry him. I`m sorry you are going through this, but if you noticed him being a jerk on several occasions and still married him, it`s your own fault for this situation.

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