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I am really unhappy with my life and think I am getting depressed. I would like to travel the world, to be free and to find myself. I don't like our society and everything grey around it. But I am still in school and my parents don't want me to quit, so I have to wait 2 more years to finally do what I want. I am getting crazier every day and I don't think I will stand this period of time. I told my friends of my idea and they laughed and said I should do realistic things after school: Get a job, get married, have kids, be normal. Nobody understands me and I am getting lonelier and lonelier.

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  • I feel the same way too. I've always wanted to travel all around the world..to see the world.. society isn't the world .

  • Join the Army! Visit exotic places and set them on fire. Meet interesting people and kill them

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