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When I was a kid I used to love my dad alot, I saw him like a role model. Everyweekend wanted to go to his house(him and my mother are divorced). But the problem was, and still is, he is alcoholic. During that time I was growing up he entered programs and AA; but dropped every single one. That crushed my heart. His excused: I missid you! that response made me even angrier. When I turned 18 discovered some shitty things about him. The bond with him just went gone with time. havent spoken with him like three years since the last time we met.

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  • If you check up on him now and he's doing better, let the past slide. we only have the here and now. (I'm not saying forget the past, but.. work with what you have now) You clearly care for him, and he probably does as well.

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