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As a male, I've grown extremely tired of [predominately younger] women complaining about menstruation and periods. Literally half the fu*kin species went through this same shit their entire lives (that's 50 billion people mind you) over the last 200 000 years. If they could deal with it so can you.

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  • well when you lose a over a cup of blood from your penis with clots and cramps, we'll talk again

  • As a femalel. I've never complained. But if the others wanna complain about their period they damn well has a right to. We ARE dealing with it. Got to deal with it for half our life. I think we are untitled to a few words expressing how it sucks balls. You think those 50 billion women never complained? I'm sure they dealt with it while complaining. Same shit as we do. As for you. 50 billion men never bleed through their junk and listened to complaints quietly all their life. Why can't you just deal with it like all your fuckin ancestors and keep quiet? Unless you are willing to piss blood out of your junk every month to prove me wrong and deal with it like a boss you should not say shit to a woman. Trust me they gonna hit you. Probably with their period blood. Lol

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