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I hate cops. Yesterday i was outside with two friends, and i saw three cops comming to talk to us. We haven't done anything but they already began to search us, they didn't tell us why. And then they found a grinder on me ( i smoke weed and it's illegal in my country, but i didn't have weed on me ). After that, they considered me like a criminal. I know it's illegal, but i didn't do anything bad, i was just sitting and talking with my friends. They started to search weed everywhere, they didn't believe me when i told them it has been a week since i smoked some. And after that, they started looking at all my photos on my phone. When i asked them if they have the right to do that, they only tell me to shut up. So i don't think they could have done that, but they surely think they have all the rights because they are cops. After that, they tell us that we are just a waste of the society, and because we are teens and wandering on the street it's obvious that everything we are doing is bad and illegal. They did not arrest us, but i feel really bad after being treated like that. I could have stolen things, harm people, or other things like that, but no, i'm just smoking weed occasionaly, and that makes me a criminal and a bad guy. You could say me that they're just doing their jobs, but telling me i'm just a piece of shit isn't their job. And when they have other things to do instead of searching for teens smoking weed, they don't do anything.

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  • You actually said that you know its illegal what the fuck are you complaining for

  • Stop being black

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