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I'm in love with the same girl over 5 years now. But i never told her because I'm 99% sure i get rejected and this makes me really unhappy.

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  • Don't be afraid of rejection. It will only help make you a stronger person. You have to experience pain to see happiness. If you have been in love with her for so long it has got to be killing you of all the what ifs. Don't beat yourself up over rejection. You need to just ask her and get it over with. I know its easier said then done and I know its scary but you'll see in the long time it will be for the better. Maybe she feels the same way about you but feels like you'll reject her and is scared too. You need to just make a move. Go tell her! You'll never know if you don't ask. If you are that shy send her a song that shows her, if she wonders why you sent her a song, then play it off like "oh sorry was for someone else." So you'll have a fail safe in place just in case to save it. Good luck! (go ask her!!)

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