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Once there was a cute boy named Tim in my class. I knew that he liked me a lot. He once asked me out but I refused and friendzoned him. Then I started to see him as my best friend. Once I lost my diamond necklace that I had gotten as a gift from my boyfriend. I was really sad and I didn't wanted my boyfriend to know thay I lost it so I called Tim in my house to search the necklace. We searched it for a whole day but didn't found it. The next day we continued our search and Tim found it and gave it to me. I was really happy about it, and I thanked him alot. That night my boyfriend called me and said that he was seeing another girl and wanted to break up with me he also told that he had taken the necklace with him. I was shocked that he had left me but then I realized that he said he had taken the necklace with him. If he had taken it then how did Tim found my necklace? The next day I went to his house. I told him about the break up but not about the necklace. When he went to the bathroom I sat in the bed and then I found an empty jewellery box with a bill and a diary next to it with my name mentioned on it. I read the last few written pages of the diary there were many things written that he knew about me even about the missing necklace and at last it was written "i bought a diamond necklace and gave it as the missing necklace to her. I had never seen her so happy" then I realized everything and went straight to my home without telling him. I couldn't sleep that night. I was mad at him since he didn't told me and I was even happy since he did such thing for me. It's been a week since this incident and tomorrow I'm gonna ask him out.

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  • this is fake as fuck. really? you can make a better story

  • this tim sounds like an amazing guy, and he does one of the most selfless things a guy can do, even more so since he did it for you while you had a boyfriend.

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