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I am best friends with the girl I love. She knows that and I know that she likes me as well. We have everything of a relationship except the physical contact. It is killing me.

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  • Aww that is so sweet and sad to read at the same time, lol. I know its hard to have a relationship without physical contact but it doesnt have to be. If its distance that keeps ya apart, just give it time and find a little bit of time to see each other. It'll be more special every time you do see each other. You'll soon become more and more closer the longer the relationship goes on. If you're meaning you haven't had sex yet, again give it time. You two will be ready soon enough. It just sounds like you two need to meet up somewhere and just hang out for the day. Go have some fun and be together. Long distance is hard but it come with a lot of good if you can hold on.

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