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I hate being called pretty or beautiful because i hate the way i look and i really cannot understand it when people say it to me

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  • If you don't like how you look, than try to change something, i'm the kind of guy, who likes to compliment women, and sometimes, the women don't like it to, but they appreciate the compliment at least :) so sometimes we just like to be nice, and see a smile on the face of a "beautifull" human beeing, so long :)

  • Sometimes i feel that way to. But like i said..sometiiimes..cuz idt get conplimented so highly that often..neways..im sure ur gorgeous so stfu and just take tha compliments w pride. :) if they go out of their way to say itto u..then it must be true ;) am i right? Or am i right? ;) lol

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