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I cried when I found out that according to my Aunt "she [me] needs to learn to cope with her depression, because the way her anger manifests, she will shoot up her school. She might just be a sociopath." I am so sad she thinks that of me. I constantly am feeling empathy for everyone, my friends, my enemies, even truly horrible people who don't deserve empathy, like hitler. I want as many people as possible to be happy, and I could never hurt people like that.

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  • Most of the people will never understand. The things you feel or think about. Because you probably got hurt by actions of other people.. You don't want to do something like that to another person. Because everyone has a reason to be that way and to act like that. You have to learn that sometimes it's not about other people but to love yourself first, to make yourself happy. This can take a long long time. But maybe this message will make you think about yourself, that you CAN get there. Do what you love, and please think about yourself first sometimes :) because also you deserve to be happy. Life is not perfect but fill it with perfect moments. <3

  • People don't know what we go through, they don't live our lives, don't feel our feelings but love to say who we are or what should be done about our behaviour. I hate that.

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