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I love drawing and anime. I wish i could be an animator or an illustrator but my family won't allow it. They force me to take science major because all my siblings are engineers, doctor or whatever that's involved with science. All my friends say my drawings are awesome and beautiful. I like science but I'm just lazy to learn it because i have no interest in it. I'm really struggling right now..

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  • So finish college now and after you graduate apply to art school. Like acting the average artist is paid really badly (not everyone can be Walt Disney), but if you have a fallback profession you won't struggle to pay rent while you do what you love.

  • Do what you want to do. Its your life and youre the one living it. Not them. You make your own choices. Your own mistakes. Learn from them. But you always do what you want and follow ur dream. Thats the only way you can be happy.

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