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I love my girlfriend. We have been together for over an year and we moved in together after 2 months of dating. She is beautiful and really smart and well-educated. We both work. She likes cooking for me and I like cooking with her. She spoils me with things she knows I like. I love her and she is perfect. Problem is, I look at her and see she`s beautiful and fun to have around and I know she has an extensive dating history. We come from the same little town and I can`t get over the fact that a few years back, she slept with some guys I know, because we lived in a small city and the dating options were somehow limited. I know I shouldn`t care about it because it happened years ago and we weren`t together and it shouldn`t matter what she did before she met me, but somehow it upsets me that she has slept with other guys before me. The sex is awesome, it`s so awesome that I can`t help but think it`s those other dicks that made her this good. When I started dating her, she was 8-months out of a 3-year relationship and her ex was still calling her. Except for some guys that contacted her on facebook, which she told me about, I don`t have any proof that she might be cheating on me right now. I take her to work, I know she stays at work because she`s always busy and also dedicated to her work, she comes home after work and I arrive home an hour lafter she arrived. She has never given me any reason to think she`s cheating, but if I call her and she doesn`t pick up, I freak out thinking she`s having sex and I start a fight. I calm down eventually. But I keep getting angry over small things. A few nights ago, I dreamt she was cheating on me. I woke up so angry and upset I couldn`t sleep anymore. I get reckless when I`m angry, so I woke her up and told her we can`t be together anymore because my dream about her cheating on me made me realize I can`t trust her. She`s too pretty, others guys MUST have been hiting on her and she`s not telling me. She got really upset and we fought until sunrise. She forgave me eventually. But I`m starting to think she might get tired of my paranoia-powered fights because I can`t stop thinking about her cheating and I`m afraid I`m going to lose the best woman that I could possibly have.

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  • yup, i was (maybe i still am) exactly like that.. it's how i lost my first, and so far, only love.

  • Talk to her. Let her know these are *your* feelings and *your* insecurities and that you're going to deal with them instead of taking them out on her. Be honest about what's going on and take responsibility for your own mess.

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