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Okay so bare with me males here and please tell me your answer and thoughts. If you have a friend who is a girl, that you consider as just a really good friend nothing more would you : - hide all your relationships from her and pretend that you re single? - pay for her entire pretty expensive vacation? - volunteer to give her money to get her through college? - insist on always texting on a daily basis? - avoid at all costs asking her about her love life and if she s with a guy or no? - hide casual news that normal friends share like getting a raise or going to a trip with another girl? - get worried when she decides not to text and talk to you too much, -offer to give her a ride to the airport and to wait for her later even if it's really late at a snowy night. - avoid at all costs to make a direct compliment or real emotion: like not saying you look pretty, but saying your hair looks pretty, or not saying i missed you but saying you were missed These are just some of the weird mixed signals, i think im dealing with a psycho who loves having girls attention and friendzoning them. it's not like i'm head over heels for him, i'm too careful like that, it just it pisses me off. (ps: sorry if this post might appear many times, the confess button wouldnt work and i kept hitting it ^^)

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  • I would have to say no to all of them exept for the one with bringing her to the airport that is just something friendly to do. As for the guy being a psycho i don't know about that it could just be an awkward atempt to get out of the friend

  • I wouldn't hide anything from her nor avoiding anything but would pay the vacation if she'd really need it and/or pay for college if I could lose the money myself. I'd worry if she'd suddenly decide not to text/talk to me cause she could be having a hard time and could be in need of help.. Wouldn't want to loose a good friend :3 And i'm too nice sometimes^^

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