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My grandparents are sick. Grandad has both alzheimer and is demented. My grandmother has lymph cancer. She had her first cancer treatment just a few days ago. I am worried about both of them but still i don`t visit them much. I think it`s because i don`t want to see them suffer. But i feel like a real as*hole for not seeing them. They might die anytime soon even thou they`re not very old. I don`t know what to do.

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  • Visit them, it will give you peace and it will make them smile in these hard times. My grandmother have Alzheirmers too, and I want to visit her before she forgets me. I hadn't visited her in a long time but I did it yesterday and it felt so good, I think not visiting her have been my way to handle her diagnosis. Go visit them, if not for your own sake, do it for theirs. If not, when they are gone you will regret it so much.

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