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i'm the kind of guy who allways gave relationship advice, people allways say that, and add ''but never have a relationship'' i had, and the only reason i can give advice is because i know exactly where my mistakes were in the past, and why those relations ended. i don't mind giving advice when people ask anyway, because i'm happy for firends to have a relationship, right up untill my crush asked me about hers, her boyfriend sounded terrible, but not on purpose, i don't think he realized he was hurting her, she admitted that she never talked about it with him. despite knowing what the outcome would be, and how i would feel about it, i helped her, she's now happier than ever, and her boyfriend seems like a genuinly nice guy. and of course while typing this, i just wanted it to be me in his place the whole goddamn time

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  • You're a very nice person to put your feelings aside and give her good advice, despite your own feelings towards her. I know you want to be in his place but sometimes you have to just let her be happy and maybe you'll see she isn't who you need. Good luck buddy

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