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My friend (who have a girlfriend) and i spent a night together a few days ago after a party, just cuddling, and caressing each other (i don't know if caressing is the right word, english is not my native language, but it was kind of hot). The problem, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, is that i know for a fact that he know that i like him more than a friend and that i've wanted him for a long time, and that he seems to appreciate it, he keep hitting on me for months even if he's with someone else, telling me that when they break up he and i should have sex, that he finds me pretty or sexy, that he needs me etc... So we've talk about it twice since, on the phone and face to face, he apologize several times, said it was disrepectful of him as a friend, and specified several times too that it was just because he had found me attractive that night, and only that night, that he just followed his desires of that only moment, and that there was absolutely nothing else. I really don't know what to think, am i really just a friend to him as he say since that party and he does not feel any other way, or is is that because he is in a relationship and i can still think that he has a thing for me anyway .. I know he can sound like a bastard and i sound like a desperate psycho, but he's a great guy anyway and i don't want to be stuck in the friendzone again,

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  • Yep, run, and tell the gf... She should know how he talks to you

  • He is using you, run before you get hurt

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