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When I was younger, I was a total bitch (and still sort of am). I did "bully" people, but I never really thought it of bullying. It was more like pulling pranks and having fun. I never really thought of it as serious, since after all, no one ever told me to stop, all my other friends did it, and my "victims" always laughed it off, and then hit me back. Actually, I never really thought of myself a bully until now. Recently, someone told me that one of my friends from those days says that she hates me and that I bullied her. Part of me feels really bad, and that I should apologize, I never meant to hurt anyone. Another part of me however, is pissed. I always have considered her as one of my close friends. We just drifted apart over time. I feel like she is betraying me and our old friendship by saying that and spreading "rumors" about me. It's not like I was always the one who hurt her, i can remember plenty of times where she has socked me and pulled pranks. Also, if I was really did bully her to the point where she would hate me, why didn't she just avoid me? I never came for her or anything, she always just hung out with me. I really thought she was one of my best friends. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should confront her, just apologize, or forget about it and let it go.

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  • If you do feel bad, you should apologize to her, she doesn't have to forgive you but it will help you move on. It'll help both you and her to move on. Doesn't matter why she didn't say anything and bringing up this issue so late, don't worry about that, just be the bigger person and write her a simple message apologizing.

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