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I spend every waking moment wanting to peel my own skin off. I beat myself in the head constantly every time I feel like I need to be punished. At any given moment I feel on the brink of breaking down into a violent, self-harmful crying fit. My family doesn't and will never fully understand, and it makes me feel even worse. I'm too poor to seek help, and I'm losing the few friends I did have because they can't handle being around me. I've been genuinely considering suicide and I'm so desperate that I've actually come here to get all this out, because I can't tell anyone else without feeling guilty for putting my problems on them.

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  • I dont know if you still check this but how are you doing now? would like to know

  • Even though its hard you should really try to understand that it is not your faulth that you feel this way. If someone judges you or doesnt understand you should try to think: Ok, he/she has obviously not gone through something like this and is not so good with people, but that is not my problem. Sorry for my bad english. Really hope you will feel better! In my country you can talk to a psycologist for free but apperantly not yours which is a shame. I do not know your age but i think you should perhaps consider asking your family for money for help. And if they ask why its necessary you can simply tell them that you dont feel comftable talking to them and you really need help to feel happy again. Hang in there and please do not kill a beautiful human beeing *hug*

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