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I feel hollow. Empty. I feel nothing but anger and desperation. Every second I am bombarded by disturbing thoughts. Voices which verbally assault me with mocking words and suggestions to harm myself. Thousands of them, all screaming at once, telling me how worthless I am--how I am a burden to all who know me. I've lived for ten years with these thoughts poisoning me; ten excruciating years of being perpetually on the verge of tears. Medication has no effect. Any further help is out of reach because I lack the money and have no insurance. I have an overwhelming urge to skin myself alive. I have given myself multiple concussions by beating myself in the head as punishment for various faults. I see no escape within this life. And as such, I have been regularly and genuinely considering suicide. My friends have left because they can't handle my mood swings. I have no one to tell this to. I keep this all to myself because I don't want to be a burden to anyone. I am so desperate, however, I've resorted to putting my issues on this site. And that makes me think even less of myself than I already did.

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  • hang on there.i made i promise i wouldn't commit suicide without finishing school, so ever since i made that promise and my school isn't finished yet, i felt better and I'm happy i made that promise. i think you should make a promise for yourself that you'll carry on.

  • I should offer free hugs to everyone. I hate seeing people fake their smiles everyday because they have to cover their sadness. Free hugs to everyone!

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