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My ex kept pushing me and pushing me to tell him about my issues. I tried to tell him that is was my business not his, but them he just told me he loved me and that he loved me. I finally told him, some of it, about my anxiety, how I was beat up most of my time in school, and that I was molested as a child, and that was a part of the reason I did not want to do certain things sexually. He was the first one I talked about it with. A week went by and then tried pushing me to do more sexual stuff that I did not want to. When I refused he dumped me with all the cliches in the world and ending with the words: "come back in five years time when you have sorted your issues out". I have never in my life felt like I was worth less than I did in that minute. (I'm doing better now, and know it is better for me not being with him, but I am surely not telling anyone about that again.)

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  • I'm sorry that your ex is a giant douchebag, OP. And that you went through some horrible shit.

  • i never told anyone , and never will. 'cause there is nothing they can do about it , sure you can tell me that they'll love you and make you feel special and loved. but in the end none of that will matter if you're not happy with yourself . so think of what happened to you as a kid a lesson , i learned from mine to never fully trust anyone and always be guarded ( of course i'm not telling you to lock yourself up , go out there and have fun , but be careful ) , and you can tell me that no every one is the bad guy , but reality is most people are the bad guy , and at the end of the day all you're left with is yourself , so work on that .

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