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Through all high school and college i was the ugly bookworm girl who got all the grades but none of the social life. Then i started taking care of how i look made a couple of friends ( so far not a soul asked me out, never been in a single date). But men started to get interested, and i got all my share of compliments and flirting, but still noone went through and asked me out. Guys approach me, buy me a drink, flirt, then ask for my number, then they never call and dissapear. So i decided to go online, tons of guys contacted me. The very first one was this badass badboy, very different from the really shy me. But we talked and videochatted alot went on like 3 dates he even introduced me to his mom till one day out of the blue he announced his engagement to anorher girl on facebook. I commented and congratulated him and he run and deleted me lol. The second dude was a pro athlete, filthy rich i felt nothing for him but he was sweet abd caring and he s the first one to ever say i love you, i said it back but i wasnt feeling it, also he dissapeared then i found out he s got engaged. Third guy we met once fidnt click and that was it. Fourth one went to my same college then we met on facebook, we clicked right away talking alot, having fun, went on some dates cause of his long hours job, it seemed he s way into me, we even started making future plans, then boom dissapears, then pics of his engagement party on facebook. Fifth one, a colleague at work, came up all sweet and shy, the extreme gentelman, we dated for three months, he was my very first kiss at the age of 26 i really fell for him, but he never introduced me to others as his girlfriend, till one day i asked him and he flipped at me saying: i dont love you but you are more than just a friend. WTF, later i found out i was just a bet between him and his buddies whi can get the new girl to make out with him. That broke me, i closed up from all men for almost three years. Another colleague of mine kept pursuing me wanting things physical and i ofcourse sent him to hell. Then finally after years i met another guy online, we spoke for like a year we met we had fun but he refused to make any romantic gesture or ask me on a date. After we met he didnt say that he wanted to see me again but insists on staying in touch via texting and video chatting, i found out he s also kinda sneaky, meeting another girl also keeping a secret seperate facebook for her, i mean if we re not dating and we are just friends who do you have to be weird and sneaky like that?? Oh well i just turned thirty and now i'm like blaaaah i stopped giving a fudge i really dont care anymore and decided and accepted that im gonna be single forever

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  • I'm behaving the same way, like all these guys you have met, with a girl friend of mine. I only want to talk to her on phone or text but I can't ask her out. She's a good friend.

  • Wanna chat ? We will probably never meet and im a lot younger but you seem cool with a shitload of bad luck If you want to chat my skype is dotzen1

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