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I hate me. I am fat and I'm not going to achieve anythign at all. Whenever I start being good at sth, I start abandoning it or stop liking it. I'm not good enough at physics, math, biology and music (the things I love and I want to do as a professional). Some weeks ago, I started hanging out with a guy, but for only 2-3 days. After Easter, we've spoken only once. He doesn't even tell me "good morning". But I want s to be friends. With him I was happy, very happy! I don't think I've ever been this happy befor or I'll be this happy again!! And I am torn and have no idea what to do!! And all thpse together have made me depressed and mad. But I want to look happy and I do, most of the times. I have a feeling at my stomach, as if I'm going to throw up, but I can't and it's making me more mad!! And it hurts, all of it hurts, everything. Ive become over-sensitive and I'm called several things and it makes it worse!!! I really hate cancer but, sometimes, I wish I had, so I could do whatever I want without being judged

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  • Wishing you had cancer? Maybe you should go through some actual hardship so you can value life more. Also, there will be more guys dont worry.

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