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i feel like united kingdom has tuned into a sh*t hole ,especially the justice system, a man was pardoned for his cruel action of randomly beating up a mentaly challanged person and leaving it in wheelchair and foodpipes becoz the judge says the convict was remorseful, and the let go of a rich guys kid of beating the crap out of a cop with no compensation,all the kids are on drugs and disrespectfull, everyone is abusing the weak and killing children, they put nice people on jail for the silliest crimes and most parents prefer getting a tan and going out get drunk instead of taking care of their kids, the healthcare gives free breast implants but the child who needed a organ transplant was made to pay 50k pounds, the government is encouraging immigrants with out a background check and letting thugs from all over the world come live their, they care more about the criminals human right rather than the victims, a Lithuanian thug is getting away with rape over this. the government is too scared to address religious extremisim in fear of being branded racist (same case in oslo norway) like how foreign people are expected to follow the culture and religious rules when in arab countries, but when arabs come over to uk or other eu countries they expect others to live by their laws, and this has been giving birth to religious rape correction in man eu nation and i think its high time someone did something about all this i am an arab myself and i dont like this extreme action, religion should be used for spiritual purpose not personalize it and force it into society .

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  • When the Law abandons justice, you must become justice. You must become the night. Become Batman!

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