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I'm a 22 year old guy, every time I have sex with a girl I end up not being able to stand even the sight of her, I know i'm completely straight so suppressed homosexuality is a no...I did get cheated on by 2 of my ex's and trust has been a little of an issue with me, could this be the reason? I don't know...What I do know is that this has led to me having a string of one night stands and women who literally wish i'd burn to ash in hell fire, I also am this way with the girls I tried being in relationships with, If they give it to me too early in I literally dump them about 1 week or a few days after, a few of my ex girlfriends made me wait, one made me wait for a whole year before we finally had sex, I thought i'd go with the idea thinking that maybe waiting will make me appreciate her, but nothing changed, soon after we had sex for the first time the same feeling of resentment grew in me and I dumped her too even after a whole year together...I don't feel love or affection, I fake it, and i'm good at it, attraction is there but that's as far as it goes, everything else is just an act, but i'm not proud at myself in anyway. In-fact i'm scared I always pictured myself settling down and having a family at some point in my life but the way things are going and how I always end up in the same situation builds my fear more and more..

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  • dick move , but then again you already knew that

  • Seek professional psychological help.

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