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Me and my bestfriend have been liking the same girl for years. We both really love her. He confessed her his feelings and nothing happened and now I want to do the same because I think she might love me back. The problem is that my friend doesn't know I like her and by telling her what I feel I might ruin my friendship with him, but I also keep wondering if she likes me back.

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  • Thanks you for your advice. I think I'm going to follow it.

  • Do it, that is what happened to me, I am a girl and I've been friends with this guy, I did not know that he liked me, then I met his close friend and we are now a couple, my friend is not my friend anymore, but they're still friends, so I guess it's ok, and besides we (my friend's bf and I) never knew he had feelings for me until he confessed it to their other friends.

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