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I don't want to get over an ex of mine. I know its been years since we broke up and we kind of drifted apart but I'm trying now to keep us at least friends. I know that we may never get the chance to try it again but I don't want to lose them at all. I'm trying my best to keep us something but I feel like I need to do more but don't want to push them away either. I'm trying to take it slow but it feels like time is starting to work against me. I'm just following my heart.

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  • Just because they became exes doesn't mean anything, you can make mistakes. If one of them thinks the other is a damage to their future then they should tell that person. Unless the other still feels something back. If one of my exes that I don't love said this then it wouldnt damage my future. It'll only damage it if you do still love that person. (p.s., they never said it was a "she" or "he")

  • You became exes for a reason, why don't you just move on with your life? You can be a damage to his future relationship.

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