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So for 3 years i have been talking to a guy online. we were planning on meeting up as i'm going to UK in summer. But today he asked me if i could help him with something. as much as i love him ( we're not together or anything, just really close ) i said yes. he gave me texts he had sent to a girl who lives in his area and they are both about to be together. i am heartbroken. my eyes hurt from crying. how can you feel something like this for someone you have never met ? i feel like i lost a part of myself.. and the worse thing is, i can't even write to him anymore, im scared of hurting myself even more.. why people, why .. being a girl sometimes sucks, we probably do overact for everything, but lord my heart is in milion pieces :(

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  • i know exactly how you feel, and no not just girls are in this position...http://confesster.com/c/12478/ thats me and i'm so devastated at the moment, that i cant even cry about her... yeah it sucks ;/

  • i know how you feel :( at least this one was frank and clear about how he considered you, better than just letting you hang in there in case he doesnt find anything better, what i do when something or someone hurts me, make me cry, is just to let it go, back away, and time will heal beleive me :)

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