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I hate Everyone, except my Family and Me.All my Friends are Unloyal Assholes who want that I change myself because when I was younger (12 or 13) i was a real asshole.I changed myself then.I am loyal(No backtalk, i am no Lair) and i treat them not like the assholes they are.Once the Police came to our House.My older Brother and some firends smoked Weed. than a friend of my Brother came with a guy who was 15(they didn't know).He also wasn't at Home a week or so. Zje Police came to the Friend.His Parents said hes at my Bro.The Parents of my Brothers friend called him and said him that the Police is coming to our house.they said the 15year old he should co to the Crossing infront of our House.The 15year old went to a Crossing down the Hill in our Village.The Cops didn't see him and knocked on our Door and my Bro went down.The Cops saw my Bro and knew he smoked weed.They said Jokingly ,,We don't want to come back, right?'' Everytime I see the 15year-old(back then) i want to kill him,because he endanger my Brother.

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  • what the fuck, if you really hate everyone except your family and you, you should think again who could might be the real asshole.

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