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I was the reason for every argument, had lost my confidence, was no longer attractive or a person one would want to be with. We broke up, and the past few days the cars on the street seem to magnetically call me to them, and I find myself walking in directions I don't want to go, getting lost on routes I knew by heart. Am so lost right now, feel no purpose, the hotlines only work for 2hrs like lousy painkillers soothing pain temporarily. Loved him so much, blocked out my friends for so long, no one wants me I don't even want myself anymore.

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  • I´ve been through something pretty simmilar in January, don´t loose your mind, I know you don´t see it, but time will pass and you will find out that he was not the only thing that kept you alive. For me, lots of work and school stuff did well. Try finding something positive on your life. At least, now you have a chance to met someone new and to do some change in your life.

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