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I spent most of my time awake helping people. This includes working as a teacher assistant as the university, working as a private tutor, helping my ex with money when she needs it and volunteering my precious few hours of alone time to help people deal with emotional problems, All the while hiding the fact that I spend most of my time dealing with a depression I have had since my early teens but never dared going to a psychiatrist about, because I am scared that everyone would leave me and I would die abandoned and alone if it came out.

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  • Muahahaha you fell in the trap! I'm a psychiatrist and i'm offended that you don't want to visit me lol, but yeah really I am and also a psychologist. You need to tell me more, please. That's the only way I can help.

  • You should because they won't. more people then you know struggle with it and even thoughts who won't understand will normally at least try to help. if anyone does leave because of this, they would have left you for less. Getting help is not as bad as you might think.

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