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im a straight girl, but as soon as i start to drink, i feel attracted to other girls only.. i have repeatedly tricked girls to join me to bed, and it was amazing. but as soon as i sober up, i almost think it's grows, even just to look at another girl's breasts. i feel kinda bad, cus im talking to this amazing guy, and i really like him, but i feel like im cheating on him when i sleep with other girls, and not him! but it's sad to quit drinking just because i get 'part time lesbian' .

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  • I am curious about your opinion about lesbian /bisexuals. Because I kinda did this too. But I really didn't liked the thought of being a bi person. After a year or so I accepted it. Then things just felt right. But if you feel like it isn't right towards the guy, you shouldn't do it.

  • may you are bisexual, and if you think its cheating.. than stop it, its harder than it sounds i know but, if you are in a relationship (is not clear in the text) than you should stick to him when not, than it isnt cheating but it could hurt both of you if he finds it out... and maybe, just maybe he will like this side of you..

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