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I think people who thinks about suicide are idiots. Pretty much every single person have their dark histories, traumatized memories and even weights that they can't even handle themselves.. I really wish that people never have to face all these obstacles but hey, what is life without some spices right? Look for your way out. Don't give up on life like you give up in a multiplayer game.

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  • you know who else an idiot? people who make fun of other people for be suicidal. I mean, if you didn't push them towards only one option (suicide) then they wouldn't have to do it. I'm suicidal myself. and people like you. hurt.

  • I believe you shouldn`t talk about a situation unless you have gone through it and know exactly what you are talking about. From your confession, I take it you have never felt that absolute dispair where death seems like the only way out. I happened to contemplate suicide once, but only in theory because my survival instinct immediately kicked in.

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