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I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years now...I love her with all my heart...but now I find my self drifting into being a douchebag again...I refuse to be what I was before..on top of this I just recently talk to a very attractive girl, I ask her name, talk to her for a little but did not get her number..she even had her phone out waiting for me to ask..but instead I fleed the scene, I can tell by the look of the girls face that she wanted me to get her number..this is becoming a problem because I have done this previously but that time I actually got a number but never called. I'm on the edge and I need help

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  • To me it seems like you want to try out something new but still love your girlfriend. You have to be clear what you want: Your girlfriend or some new experiences (whatever). I feel like I'm having the same problem; I'm a girl and have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years aswell.

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