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i actually don't care if guys have abs or not. it's just like girls, that there is ofc that one point where they're not skinny, or curvy, but fat. so dont say all girls are steriotypes with guys and abs, cus i really dont care, just as long as he's not seriously fat. dont judge me for saying that, cus that's what most of you think but don't dare to say.

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  • thats the same for men, i'm not the guy who would take a supermodel ( or could get one... ;D) i like it ... simple and real, no fake barbies, and when she is a bit chubby who cares? it's my life, and my decision

  • Yes you are a hypocrite and of course you hate fat man, I'm a little bit on the belly side but I have more muscle then belly fat, but yes you do care about what people think of you and a fat man, I'm not that fat and I hate myself

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