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Well I just woke up to being told I'm a Retard and I have no friends by my dad.

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  • I have had anxiety after having multiple lung operations. I would be so freaked out by...ANYTHING! If the weather changed -> I panicked; if I didn't eat for half a day and started feeling a bit whoozy -> I panicked; if I had an important person to meet that day -> I panicked. Then I talked to a friend and he said: "bro you have 2 options: when you feel that shiver coming, when you feel the fear building up, choose one and think of it and only of it: -fuck you universe! I do what I want and I'm gonna get what I want! You can't stop me with this crap -fuck it! I've lived a good life and I've had all that I wanted up until now. I've had fun and I cried. It was a nice ride. Let's not make a scene here and cause people to panic; I'll just mind my own business till it ends" By God it worked! I trained myself with this and I reduced the number of panic attacks from 1-2 every 2 days down to 1 a month! It took me about 2 months to get there but it worked! BOTTOM LINE: you have the inner strength to be anyone and anything you want. You just have to desire it strong enough! You ain't a retard. If you have a problem I'm betting you can solve it. Your mind, your body, your life are YOURS to own, control and steer in whatever direction you see fit! Good luck mate :)!

  • You're NOT a retard and I'm your friend.

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