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i have this wonderful, beautiful and caring guy who is in love with me. i can feel the attraction towards him. but rigth now i jus want to be alone and find myself, get skinnier and love myself for whom i am before i love him too. is that selfish? and i really don't wanna loose him, cause i do love him just not as much as he loves me

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  • Achive your goals together. If you leave now to love yourself, It is possible that the guy will misunderstand you and will find another girl. I dont want to scare you but it happened to me and it is a terrible feeling.

  • maybe just talk to him? i when he really loves you, than, i thin, he would understand that, and he should encourage you to reach your goals. i'm kind of an romantic guy yeah, and so i say real love has time, if it is a week, or a month or a year, just tell him, that you want to love yourself before you can love him, hope the best for you, so long

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