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In my relationship, I'm the sappy guy and my girlfriend is the dont care about it girl. We've been together for nearly 2 years, but no matter how much I wait or hint at it that I want some sort of affection and love from her, like maybe a picture since we're doing long distance now due to college. I always have felt neglected by her, she would never take initiative like holding my hand of being the first one to kiss or hug. All these feelings of neglect and ignorance from her are killing me inside. I tried talking to her about it but she just doesn't help or even tries to, yet when i broke up once a few months back all of a sudden she's the victim. I cry every single night because the girl i love just will not give me the love and affection that i need and i just can't bring myself to let her go.

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  • I've been there, man. It ended with her cheating on me and my heart being broken. This relationship is toxic. End it

  • I understand that you can't share everything here, I don't know your girlfriend, But all I can say to help you as one person to another is you have to determine rather or not this relationship is healty for you, not her. but honestly I look like I display emotion very well too, but when it comes down to relationships I'm a brink wall as well, and it has to do with my own fears, maybe its the same for her i don't know. I advise you to choose you above all. You deserve someone who can give you all that love back. but you know, not giving up on someone too quickly is also a virtue. I hope you understand what I'm saying.

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