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So here's my confession. Last year I was at a party with some friends and my crush was there too. She was very drunk and was unable to walk straight. So I brought her home. On the way home she kissed me and said to me that I should have sex with her. But I just brought her home put her into bed and walked home all of my friends are saying that I should have had sex with her but I don't regret my decision. She forgot everything about that night.

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  • sex with drunk girls sucks,and they don't know what they're doing it's not fun at all. i did it once when i was 15,it's not worth it,and if the girl regrets or something she can tell people you raped her. not worth it,i rather date nice girls who don't drink and act like whores.

  • If you want to start something talk to her. Often the things that people say when they are drunk aren't lies ( maybe not exectly like they say it but saying she wanted to have sex with you is a hint that she likes you/has feelings for you)

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